Menu for Long Distance Athletes

So you are a distance athlete. Maybe you are a marathon runner or a tri athlete. You want to best in your best physical condition and need to have a healthy and balanced diet in order to achieve that. If you want to be at your very best before during and after long distance workouts please listen to our important recipe ideas and tips on how to achieve this.

1.       Make sure you body is getting enough salt. The trend in todays society is that salt is bad for you and causes health problems. Although too much salt is bad, long distance athletes needs a certain level of salt to keep a healthy diet. Since long distances cause your body to lose a lot of salt, you will want to design some recipes that have a reasonable amount of salt in them.  One interesting recipe is to mix some salt with water and take it with you to drink.
2.       Drink lots of water. Your body can lose a tremendous amount of water during workouts and drinking water will replenish your water supply.
3.       Eat a good balance of carbs and protein. You don’t need to have the most strict recipes but protein recipes and low carb recipes can help the body stay strong before during and after your workouts.
One recipe we always suggest is mixing in some eload salt to your water before you exercise. This salt will regulate your water supply for you.
In summary, drink lots of water, find recipes with protein in them and come up with your own healthy recipes for getting salt into your diet if you are doing any long distance exercise.