Flavorful Diabetes Recipes

Experts predict that there are 366 million around the world with diabetes. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), this number is expected to grow to 552 million by 2030. Currently, in the United States, there are 18.8 million people with diabetes. Obesity, which is a big threat to health in the United States, is a factor in the development of type 2 diabetes. Since 30 percent of adults in the United States are obese, and 18 percent of youth are obese, type 2 diabetes is also a major concern.

Type 2 diabetes affects vision and hearing. The condition also predisposes the body for other illnesses. People in America, and around the world, need to develop healthier eating habits and learn to control their diabetes. Here is an example of a diabetic friendly recipe:


• Two skinless and boneless chicken breast halves

• Enough cracked black pepper to taste

• One bunch of fresh basil

• One-half cup of light ricotta cheese

• One-quarter cup of pine nuts

• One-quarter cup of shredded parmesan cheese

• One-half cup of fat-free half-and-half


1. Lightly season chicken breast fillets with cracked pepper. 

2. Lightly coat a medium skillet with cooking spray.

3. Place pan over medium heat. 

4. Add the chicken breasts. 

5. Cook until done for 12 to 15 minutes. Brown both sides.

6. Set aside to cool slightly.

7. Chop fresh basil in blender with ricotta cheese and pine nuts. 

8. Cut the chicken length wise.

9. Stuff each breast with basil mixture.

10. Place the chicken in a shallow baking pan.

11. Pour half-and-half over the chicken and top with Parmesan cheese. 

12. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes uncovered until the cream is bubbling.

Another Recipe to Consider: Tex Mex Meatloaf is also recommended for diabetics.

Diabetics: Take Charge of Your Health
Diabetic patients should take charge of their health and make healthier choices to keep blood sugar levels stabilized. Low blood sugar levels can be dangerous to a person’s health.