Recipe Ideas For Your Next Party!

Most people fall into the pitfall of believing when they have dinner parties that they either have to cook unhealthy fare or have dinner out. The fact is you will be able to impress your guests more if you take the time to look for a great dinner idea. This is because dinner at a friend’s house is a great time to get advice for great dinner meal recipes. If your dinner menu has great healthy food, you will likely find your recipe at other dinner menus in the future.

One great way to impress your guests is to keep their diet in mind. You can find diets recipes of all kinds to suit needs including diabetics recipes. Keep in mind a diabetic recipe means a recipe the rest of your guests will enjoy as well. When made properly, not even diet food recipes will raise an eyebrow. This is because all the attention chefs around the world have paid to diet low calorie recipes.
Here is a low calorie drink recipe for your next party:
2 quarts club soda
1 quart pomegranate juice
2 tbs. lime juice
2 tbs. lemon juice
15 packets Splenda
10 sprigs mint
1.       Combine all ingredients except mint in a large pitcher or other vessel.
2.       Fill 10 glasses with ice and a mint sprig. Pour mixture over ice and use a straw.
For even better results, use crushed ice for this recipe and snip the straws low so the guest will smell the mint when drinking the beverage.