Cultures Share Curry Recipes

Although curry chicken originated as a colloquial delicacy among the Caribbean Islands, East Asia and South Asia, it has now become a widely accepted dish among many cultures.  Even so, the use of the golden colored curry powder on chicken has distinctive uses in every culture.  In fact, curry chicken recipes can have many variants within Indian, American, African and Asian cultures, and this difference is also found in the side dishes that are served.                
Authentic Indian recipes for curry chicken often include olive oil, tomato sauce, clove, cardamom and cinnamon as distinctive flavor options. Yet, many Indian dishes also use yellow onions, garlic, cumin seeds, fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce, green chilies and turmeric.  More distinctive flavors found in many Indian curry chicken recipes, include paprika and red cayenne pepper, cumin powder and garam masala powder.  Indian curry chicken recipes are often served with starches, such as Punjab Naan bread or basmati rice.       
Although African curry chicken usually includes red hot chili peppers, unlike other curry dishes, it often includes a distinctive mix of fresh grated ginger, butter, chopped onions, and yogurt.  Many recipes also call for a duel mix of both lemon and lime juice.  The African curry chicken recipe also calls for the use of cayenne pepper, turmeric, coconut juice, garlic, fresh slivered almonds and other spices that will give the dish a distinctive spicy flavor and aroma.   

American recipes for curry chicken often include the addition of starches such as red potatoes and cooked rice.  However, the use of unique ingredients such as fresh mint leaves, raisins, canola oil and defatted chicken broth will change the aroma, richness and taste of American curry chicken recipes. 

It's not uncommon for Asian curry chicken recipes to include ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and the commonly used coconut milk.  However, ingredients such as Galangal sauce and the white parts of lemongrass can often set this dish apart from other curry chicken recipes.  Of course, many Asian curry chicken recipes also include a spice paste that includes ingredients, such as shallots, red chili, and ginger.  The spice paste will also include candlenuts, fresh turmeric, and belacan paste or fermented shrimp paste.  Many times, Asian curry chicken is often served with starches, such as nasi kunyit (sticky rice with turmeric and coconut milk), roti canai and bamboo shoots.