Eating Healthy To Help Your Heart

It is important to be able to eat foods which will make a difference in your heart’s ability to function properly. This is why heart healthy recipes have become the norm in just about every kind of how to cook book there is. You will find everything from healthy snacks recipes for kids to holiday party recipes which will delight your guests. This is amazing because most holiday recipes are laden with different carbs and fats.

When you are ready to get started on a healthy eating kick, it is time to get started with heart healthy food you will love. A little research and you will find all kinds of heart healthy foods which are easy to prepare. This does not mean you have to get started with home coffee roasting or holistic dog food. This can mean something as simple as a healthy soup recipe or healthy vegetarian food.
Here is a heart healthy recipe you are sure to enjoy:
Home Smoked Salmon
1 full side of salmon fileted
1 large bag of charcoal briquettes
1 lb. wood chips, soaked in water for at least one hour
Olive oil
1.       Pull salmon out of fridge to bring up to room temperature.
2.       Light briquettes and allow to come to a white color.
3.       As briquettes prepare, rub salmon with olive oil and cover generously with salt and pepper.
4.       Move all briquettes to one side of the grill, drain wood chips and sprinkle on top of the briquettes. Put grate in place and place salmon so it is not on the fire.
5.       Smoke for one hour, serve.